GoodFirms Accredits IOctopus as the Best Mind Mapping Software


IOctopus, the leading and advanced mind mapping solution, is endorsed by GoodFirms as the best mind mapping software.

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Why is IOctopus the Best Mind Mapping Software?

IOctopus is a cloud and web-based popular mind mapping software that offers optimum mind mapping service and allows you to unleash creativity for getting viable innovative ideas. The software offers a complete toolset enabling you to share maps and ideas seamlessly in real-time with other team members while working together on the same task. The tool comes with a simple and intuitive interface that anyone can understand and use easily. You can even add your own images.

The essential components of this mind mapping software include branches that help to view the relationships and the entire idea clearly, different colored branches that depict different meanings, a minimalistic interface to avoid all distractions, and the ability to search icons quickly and easily. The company has taken full-proof measures to safeguard and protect all your files and data through encryption of the AES-256 method on all its plans. 

IOctopus the Best Mind Mapping Software

IOctopus also provides a wide spectrum of plugins to carry out different mind mapping tasks with ease. These include a Translation plugin, which helps to translate branches into different languages, while the Formula plugin enables you to add formulas to the mind maps for automatic calculation. Similarly, the application offers various other useful plugins, such as icon filters, hashtags, calendars, email reminders, language separation, and open links in the same window. 

IOctopus works on a collaborative model and is compatible with all devices including macOS and iOS, which is regarded as suitable for teams and simply aligns with the team. Similarly, the task mode helps you to clearly view the entire task’s progress. 

Benefits of Using IOctopus Software

  • Offers an exclusive and extensive array of beautiful and modern themes to choose from.
  • Manages all complex tasks with ease. 
  • Allows you to glance through the progress of mind maps from anywhere, anytime. 
  • Real-time and simplified collaboration with the team members. 
  • Anyone can open the shared mind maps via read-only without software registration. 
  • Quickly embed a mind map into a website with ease. 
  • Enables you to quickly organize your files to easily search any mind map. 
  • IOctopus is compatible with all devices and works on multiple platforms.
  • Offers a free edition of the software. All other plans are also affordably priced. 

Modules and Features of IOctopus Software

Mind Mapping Software Features 

  • Brainstorming
  • Concept Mapping
  • Embedding
  • Presentation Tools
  • Project Planning
  • Publishing/Sharing

Pricing of IOctopus 

IOctopus offers three types of pricing plans for all its users based on their specific needs. These include Moon, Star, and Galaxy. The Moon is a free plan that includes basic features like creating three mind maps in a single file, icons, themes, file import, and export. It does not provide plug-ins, and users can share files as read-only without registering. The Star plan allows users to create an infinite number of mind maps inside each file with various other additional features, such as the option to select folders, colors, tasks, images, links, drawings, relationships, and plugins. People can comment on the shared files. The Galaxy plan contains all features of the Star plan with a collaboration facility and sharing the file in editable mode. 

In addition to these three pricing plans, IOctopus also offers a special package for corporate clients known as Galaxy Enterprise. It is a monthly subscription plan based on the number of employees using this mind mapping software. 

Performance Evaluation of IOctopus Software by GoodFirms 

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Following an unbiased, elaborate, and systematic assessment  process, GoodFirms identified and ranked IOctopus  as the best mind mapping software on its platform for offering a complete set of mind mapping tools and a wide-ranging plugin catalog under one roof with a simple and intuitive interface, distinctive features, ingenious functionality, reliable customer support, and flexible yet reasonable pricing.

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