Deep Dive Mind Maps

How does IOctopus mind map tool help you to see clearly
and to enter a state of flow?

light mindmap
  • Branches help you
    clearly see
    the relationships and the whole idea
  • The blue colored background allows for
     better   concentration 
  • Simple and fast
    icon search
  • Different colors of branches that clearly share  meanings 
  • Minimalistic interface, so that there is
    no unnecessary   distractions 

Choose a suitable modern theme

dark mindmap

Now there are just 3 themes for mind mapping but we plan to add more in the near future.
Stay tuned for exciting new options!

Easy management of complex tasks

You can easily mark a branch as a task and change the statuses to "pause", "in progress", "done".


An easy way to work together.

And your versions of mind maps will be same with versions of mind maps of other people.


  • People can open your shared files via read-olnly links without registering.

Organizing files into folders helps you quickly find mind maps

IOctopus files and folders


Because any modern browser will do

multiplatform mindmap maker

IOctopus is an online service. So you can create mind maps from macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, ect.

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