About Us

We are a couple of IT travelers.

IOctopus team
Evgenia Selishcheva
🤦‍♀️ yes, i know, let it be just Jane
Roman Mavliutov Programming

Despite the fact that we are introverts, we love living people very much.

Those who love their job. Those who enjoy the process, who enjoy living. Big kids who laugh with tickling.

It is for you we create IOctopus.
This is the flower we want to share with you.

Because as soon as you open some program (this is not only for mind maps), you seem to plunge into a swamp of dull boredom, gray lines, some kind of squares. Oh.

As if people are 🤖 soulless calculating machines. Who do not smile even at their 1000 armpits tickle ... Yes, perhaps we are against insensibility.

That is why we design mind maps. Because mind maps help you feel. Sometimes mind maps allow you to feel a particular option with just one glance. So much alive. How much depression or audacity 😈 he creates in you...

IOctopus is to feel. It is to feel as deeply and clearly as possible.

Comparison of IOctopus and other mind map apps

To be honest, we took MindNode as a reference. Because MindNode is beauteful.

And we tried to do some things better than them (and we believe that in some ways we succeeded). We respect this project and its team very much. It seems to us that many of our values coincide.

In our opinion, MindNode at the time of this writing was more functional.

But IOctopus already has a collaboration mode and it works on all devices (not just MacOS or iOS), which is very suitable for teams.

You can share your files with anyone with browser access. And not just share, but work online on one file.

Hot ruddy buns Now we are immersed in the project,
so the new functionality flies out
like hot ruddy buns from the oven.

But we don't just create functionality. We talk a lot about every little thing. Even when it seems obvious. We make mental maps about it. We ask ourselves questions. We sleep with these questions. And often when we wake up, we write down cool ideas just by opening our eyes.

What kind?

Which allow us to make IOctopus as simple for you as possible, so that nothing distracts you. Because it helps you get into flow state. In flow you feel daring and breathe deeply.

And sometimes the flow is so strong that you barely have time to write behind it. Your breath stops. You distort words, shorten them, and make typos.

IOctopus Mind map example

Well. What functionality is there now?

  • Like all other similar programs (branches, icons, texts in branches, rearrangement of branches...)
  • Task mode (like in MindNode, only in IOctopus, in addition to "Not followed" and "Done", there is also "In progress"). This mode allows you to clearly see the whole situation by task.
  • Collaboration mode. You can work on the same file with other people. We don't do any chats and videos on IOctopus on purpose, because why? You already communicate with each other somewhere (Telegram, Skype, etc.). We'd rather put more effort into making the collaboration mode work like a clock.

But we are sure that it is not just about functionality. IOctopus has a different philosophy.

That's why we have such a logo:

IOctopus logo IOctopus logo Even in different versions
for different situations...

That's why we choose the colors so carefully.

That's why we pay so much attention and time to design flexibility.

That's why "IOctopus".

P.S. We love all of you, our customers! Because we are sure that you are awesome! Because avid nerds won't mess with IOctopus 😆

P.P.S. Would you like to join our team? Then email us at info@ioctopus.online.



I already love you guys :-) Pierre (introvert) from France
27 july 2021
Hi, Piere!

It is so cute, thanks!

Jane (Evgenia) tell you thanks too :)
27 july 2021