IOctopus pricing plans


  • Limit of 10 files
  • Branches creation
  • Input text to branches
  • Sharing


  • Includes all "Basic" benefits
  • Option to change branches colors
  • Icons
  • Theme options
  • Unlimited mindmap files
  • Folders
$7 / Month
$1.4 / Month *

* Why is it so cheap now?

This service is already developed, and you can access it. However, it is not yet fully finalized and is actively developing.

This is why for those who subscribe now, the subscription price will be so low.

In the near future, as new features are added, the price for new subscribers will be increase.

When do we plan the next price increase?

Within 8 weeks. When the multiplayer feature appears.

What features are coming in the near future?

  • Multiplayer
  • Images adding
  • Context menu
  • Left side branches
  • Branches resizing
  • And more...

To get these features without price increase join now

Can I get my money back if needed?

Yes. To do this, simply click on "Unsubscribe" in your account.


And we will refund you the full amount for the last month of your subscription.