• 5 space files
  • 1001 Icons
  • Themes
  • Import (Xmind, Mindmeister)
  • Export
  • Privacy All your files are confidential
    and encrypted.
    Even we don't see
    the contents of your files ourselves.
  • Sharing as read-only
Also you have two weeks of
"Star" and "Galaxy" features
(except folders and 1000 000 files)
  • Includes Moon
  • 1000 000 files
  • Folders
  • Tasks
  • Colors
  • Links
  • Images
  • Drawing
  • Relationships
  • Plugins
$4.9 / month Standard price
$2.8 / month *


  • Includes Star
  • Sharing as editable
  • Collaboration You can have one
    Galaxy account
    for the whole team,
    other users can join
    to work together
    on files at
    the Moon
    and Star plans
$5.9 / month Standard price
$3.3 / month *
Galaxy Enterprise

A plan for corporate clients
who are looking for sectarian power

$99 / 50 employees / month *
$170 / 100 employees / month *

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* Why is IOctopus so cheap right now?

The basic features of this service are ready and you can use them. These are all the features you see in the price list. However, we are planning to add more features and IOctopus is now under active development.

That's why there is such a low subscription price for those who register now. Even if you choose the Moon (free) subscription, you will be stuck with such low prices.

In the near future, as more features are added, the price for new users will increase.

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Money back garauntee

Money back guarantee

To make you feel more relaxed, you get a guarantee for a refund.

Within a month from the date of the first payment,
you can return the entire amount paid.


To do this, simply click on "Unsubscribe" in your account.


Then confirm the cancellation of the subscription.

And we will refund you the full amount for the first month of your subscription.