10 May 2022

Features / Personally share

Are you afraid that the person you entrusted with the link to your secret mind map will share it with someone else Or would you like to give access to the whole team at once and no more?

Test the new share-feature by email or with a team added to your Galaxy Enterprise account!

individual sharing mind map


20 Apr 2022

Features / Import

Where would you like to move to?

For example, a great option for moving is from XMind or Mindmeister to IOctopus! And from other programs that export to .xmind or .mind

Because you can now easily import maps from these formats.

import from xmind or mindmeister

Try it and welcome to!

05 Apr 2022

Features / Search

Where I put the damn keys?! 😖

Sometimes maps get too large. And you may forget where you put that particular idea. So a mind map search comes to the rescue. CTRL+F (Command+F for macOS). And - voila - the needed branch is right in front of you.

It would be great if you could find the keys in the room in the same easy way, wouldn't it? 😁

mind map search

Try 👉

31 March 2022

Features / Export to .pdf

By popular demand, export to .pdf has been added!

export mind map to pdf

Enjoy 👉

15 March 2022

Features / Folder for shared maps

Not so long ago, a folder appeared in your documents called "Shared with me".

It contains all the files that you have ever opened through the invitation links. All the files available to you on one page!

You can copy these files into folders in your personal documents. Restrict the structure as you wish and as you are used to. Shared files will be marked with a special icon, you will see.

shared with me mind maps

Look 👉

05 March 2022

Features / Icon drawing

How can you visualise your thoughts even faster, easier and more relevant?

Find out about our awesome new feature - drawing your own icons.

mind maps with icon drawing

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19 Feb 2022

Languages / French

La clarté.
L'état du flux.
Vos excellents résultats...

Bonjour! IOctopus speaks French now.
It adds beauty, grace, doesn't it? 😄

By the way, we accept applications for other languages. Very welcome!

french mind map service

Look 🇫🇷

8 Feb 2022

Features / Alt speed

About a small hidden handy tool for navigating in large mind maps.

Now you can press [Alt] / [Option] while scrolling and it will speed up.
Navigation will be faster.

ioctopus mind map alt speed

Use 👉

27 Jan 2022

Features / Zoom control

We added buttons and a scale control slider because IOctopUsers requested it. So you can operate the zoom with only one finger and without a keyboard.

Details for convenience are really important.
Do you think same?

ioctopus mind map zoom control

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19 Jan 2022

Features / Quick new map

Did you know about a quick way to create a new mind map at

Save your time - add to bookmarks this url and create a map with one click!

💡 Now even the fastest ideas will stay with you.

ioctopus quick mind map

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