10 November 2023

Features / Choice of auto-icons

The auto-matching of icons to branches offers several icons for you, so you can choose the most relevant one.

choice of auto-icons in mind maps


25 October 2023

Features / Bookmarks

When you have a mind map with a lot of data, try the new "Bookmarks" feature. You can tag branches with numbers so you can quickly navigate to the tagged branches. Right-click / More... / Bookmarks

bookmarks in mind maps


30 September 2023

Features / Highlighting words

One more little handy thing in IOctopus - highlighting words with the ` symbol as in Markdown. This way you can visually highlight part of the text inside the branch.

highlighting words

Use it 👉

06 September 2023

Features / Mass minimise and maximise

Previously, to collapse all branches (for example, to open them one by one during a presentation), you had to click on all minuses many many times. Now it's just a couple of clicks! Look at the context menu when right-clicking on minimise and maximise.

Mass minimise and maximise


22 August 2023

Features / Auto Paw

Introducing an updated feature of the PAW tool - AUTO PAW! For your flow state while mindmapping. The neural network helps you to break solid text into branches considering the content.

how works paw tool

Look how easy it works:

11 August 2023

Features / Add parent branch

Also, as suggested by IOctopuser Dmitry, in addition to deleting a parent branch without children, adding a parent branch via [ Shift+Tab ] is done.

add parent branch

Try it! 🐙

27 July 2023

Features / Delete branch without children

By the idea of one of our ioctopUser Dmitry is done deleting only the selected branch without children.Got a handy feature!

deleting branch without children

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14 July 2023

Features / Import from Freemind

In IOctopus you can import mind maps from XMind, Mindomo, Mindmeister, and now Freemind as well.

Import from Freemind to IOctopus

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29 June 2023

Features / Auto Branch Positioning

A single button to make it easier to return branches to their original position if you have changed their position in the map and change your mind.

Automatic Branch Positioning

About branch positioning: 👉

12 June 2023

Features / Affiliate users by shared map

You can use a shared link on any of your mind maps to get users assigned to your affiliate account. And 21% of all payments from them will be credited to you.


Sign up in the affiliate program -> Share link to any your mind map -> Get profit

Affiliate users by shared map

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