How to position branches in mind maps


Here we'll look at how the layout of branches in the IOctopus mind map service works, and how you can change their position. And how to easily return the branches to their original place, as if nothing had happened. We'll look at how you can manually change the position of branches. And how to use the auto-return feature so that all branches return to their original position on your mind map.

About the positioning of branches in IOctopus

When you add a new branch to your mind map, it appears in a place that is automatically chosen for it. And then you can move the branch to almost any other location.

By the way, to prevent a branch from jumping into other branches, hold down ALT.

moving a branch without alt
Moving a branch without ALT

moving a branch with alt
Moving a branch with ALT

The way it works is that the new branch location is set by indenting from the original position. This is done for a variety of reasons, one of them being so that branches don't overlap when new branches are added. And so that branches don't overlap when you unfold and collapse nodes. So that where you want to have more distance, so that it stays that way.

branch with a large indentation

But sometimes you want to remove all these indents and return the branches back to their original location. For example, if the indents are too big and take up too much space.

How do I get it back to the original position?

If you start moving a branch, you may notice that its original location is highlighted and you can just move the branch into it.

original branch location

But what to do if there are many such branches? Then you can right-click and select "More..." and select "Reset branches position"

return all branches to their original location

And then the branch position in this node. That is, the branch itself and all internal branches return to their original location.

So, if you want to automatically return all branches to their original positions and reset all indentations, you can click "Reset branches position" right in the center, and then the branches in the entire mind map will automatically return to their original positions.


This is how the positioning of branches in IOctopus mind maps works. The ability to change and return branches to their original position allows you the freedom to experiment and create maps that best suit your needs and inspiration.

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Author of the article: Jane S.


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