How to master
all the key nuances
of creating mind maps in 10 minutes?

01 july 2023

And most importantly, to master for years

So that you don't have to go back to it.

How to create a mindmap

It's easy with the quick, interactive assignments below.

The hour of work will teach more than a day of explanations.

- Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

So, to the point...

Start at the center of the mind map

That's the main idea,
the main question,
project title...

It could be anything, for example:

  • Cloud colonization
  • Creating a computer game
  • Journey on the bicycle around the world

— New Line
— Save

Try doing it right now here.
Write, for example, "How I can earn 10 times more."

Write it, or you will forget everything.
How many times this has happened before:
"Oh, I'll definitely remember the password 123-something."

Add branches

First, add the branches with the main directions.
And then divide them into sub-branches.

You're like a maniac with drool in your mouth
dissects the problem/issue into small pieces
looking it right in the eye.

In short, let's shred the subject as a salad..

The main thing to remember is:
use small pieces - so write phrases as short as possible,
even better just words.

I mean, not like this:

Example of wrong mind map

In fact, in bits and pieces:


Because then it's easier for you to go into the Flow State and get more cool solutions and ideas.

Example of correct mind map

When you just want to write something down, you can use long phrases. But short phrases work much better.


first select the center branch, then

Add a branch to the side
Add a branch down

Now add a few branches.
Just a little bit of salad is enough for a workout.

And moving on...

Why didn't we
even suggest in this article
that you can try mind maps on paper?


"Oops, should I erase and redraw these 10 branches to add 1 more word?"

Let's try

  1. Move the canvas with the mouse
       (which, unlike paper, stretches to infinity when you add branches).
  2. Swap the branches.
  3. Move the branch to the left side.

Yes, we agree, drawing on paper is cool too, fine motor skills and blah blah blah.

Lots of people make mind maps on the computer.

To do it on paper, alas, is lazy. And for the most part, that's what the right smart girls do, who have nothing better to do than to be right..

Why are there colors in mind maps?

Of course, to make it beautiful

The beauty of mind maps

Have you noticed how clearly and easily you see the difference between branches when they are different colors?
Instead of figuring out the structure, the colors allow you to see the map at a glance.

The colors in the mind map can also mean something
(but not necessarily)

Red - Bad
Green - Good
Orange - Action
Blue - Calm


Colors of mind maps

By the way, shapes and colors are used in programming in exactly the same way.

This is why programmers often review code at such a rate.
Because they don't read the words.
They scan the structure in an instant.


Images in mind maps

Instead of 1,000 words

  1. The branches are thicker at the beginning, towards the end thinner!!!
  2. The inscription is ABOVE the branches
  3. Inscriptions are in the same color like branches
  4. The entire branch with sub-lights are one color

On this

Tony Buzan

paid attention

creator of mind mapping and meg a smart guy

Where can I create
mind maps?

Here, of course - on :)


Because IOctopus, unlike many analogues,
conforms to many of the principles of Tony Buzan (the creator of mind maps).

This helps you:

  • to cope with difficult tasks more easily
  • to make decisions more easily
  • to memorize large amounts of information
  • and etc...

This helps others:

  • clearer and easier to perceive your thoughts, ideas, presentations

And many users also say that it's just good here 😌

What to do next?

Read more about IOctopus.
Choose a suitable plan for yourself (paid or free).

And use it.

You are very welcome!

Can I keep this mind map I just made?

Just register from the same browser and this mind map will be saved in your documents.

Author of the article: Roman M.


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