What are mind maps?

01 july 2023.

Basically, mind map look like this:

What are mind maps

But let's look a little illustration to explain how it works...


...How to survive falling from a helicopter?

When Jim jumped out of the helicopter.

His whole body contracted.
The breath froze.
The body took complete control.
It braced himself for the impact of his reflection in a puddle of wet asphalt.

cyberpunk illustration of mind maps

At that moment, a fairy flew past. She was holding a steel ball.
She looked questioningly at Jim's eyes.
And he nodded.

Then the fairy squeezed the ball with her palms.
The ball became soft. It is filled with veins.

Then she squeezed harder 😖

The ball became just like jelly. Multicolored tentacle branches began to burst out through the fingers.

Complessed ball of cyberpunk mind map

For a moment, Jim saw the inverted face of a fairy with a slight smile in front of him. She was so close that her eyes merged into one.

He felt something connected ⚡ to the USB Type-EX on the back of his head.
And the whole world has changed.
In this world, "Jim" was like an octopus.

But it was not a material octopus. It was the octopus of consciousness. Consciousness has ceased to be a point around which the world takes place. Now consciousness merged with the world with its fractal tentacles.

"Jim" still sees that he is approaching the asphalt at a breakneck speed. He sees his reflection in a puddle and how his hair flutters with speed. But now Jim is completely calm. It remains only 5 meters. But anyway ...

Why is "Jim" so calm?

Now "Jim" sees all the details of the picture. He sees how they are interconnected.

Calm of mind maps

"Jim" sees that if to shout "WOOF!!" at a distance of 172 inches to the ground,

  • Then the pink terrier, which is held by a lady in tight white leather, will be frightened and pull on the harness
  • The harness will pull her hand
  • The hand holding the trimin glasses will place them at such an angle that the GPS signal coming from the satellite will be reflected from the right lens towards the helicopter in such way...
  • The navigation system of a flying machine decides that the helicopter is moving up too fast.
    • This is unacceptable for the covered cities of Europe - the moon of Jupiter.
    • To avoid a collision with the canopy and urgently lower the helicopter, the navigation system will automatically switch the direction of thrust.
  • The vortex of the helicopter of the thick atmosphere will change direction and instead of blowing down, it will blow up.

"Jim" has already shouted "Woof!!!" and now he is just as calmly looking himself in the eyes. Dropping gently on a whirlwind of air towards his reflection.

Mind map - Peace of mind

It's probably hard to even read 😵‍💫
So ...

The main essence of mind maps

To turn the complex into the simple 📎

It is a simplifier that allows you to deal with really difficult projects, ideas, thoughts.

What do mind maps give?

Mind maps take some effort. However, when you have a mind map, you can see much more clearly what, where, when, how ...

  • It's a thing that enhances your thinking. So to speak, it opens the eyes in a new way and expands the consciousness.
  • It's something that helps you see the big picture as well as the details. See how the parts are connected to each other.
  • Mind maps are very helpful in brainstorming. Even when you do it alone. You find more cool solutions, ideas.
  • You remember much more and stronger, because the brain is very good at remembering images. And the essence of mind maps is an image. Summary notes (eg, books, lectures) in mind maps works powerfully.
  • Mind maps help you make decisions. And get the results you want more often.
  • Now these are your cyber brains.

Mind maps is a cyber-brain


How do mind maps technique work?

It's very simple to explain a mind map.

This is information in the form of such illustrations:

  • The main idea is the center

  • Basic ideas depart from it

    • Which are split into smaller ones
  • Lettering on branches

  • Another great when there are pictures

Mind map scheme

Due to the fact that mind maps consist of textual information and images, they involve both hemispheres of the brain. And, for example, lists are only one. In this case, the hemispheres begin to understand each other better and reinforce each other.

The imagery is very important in this method. They allow you not only to know about individual elements. They allow you to feel the whole picture. By the way, the images here are not only icons. But these are the branches themselves, with the help of which you instantly see the connections.

Pay attention to your feelings and look again at the example above (illustration with an airplane and a car). Even without meaningful text as a whole, you can feel what there is about.

The branches have different colors on purpose. Different colors enhance the clarity of relationships and the whole picture.

Who are mind maps for?

For people who make money with their minds. And in general they think. For example:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Writers
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Other...

Mind maps are universal

You can use them in absolutely any area.

  • Travel
  • Project, money
  • Relations
  • Your life in general
  • Spiritual
  • And much more where you use your brain :)

What are mind mapping technique for?

  • Brainstorm. To find ideas, answers to your questions. Including finding inspiring dreams :)
  • To just see something difficult, keep the big picture in mind. For example, in business, writing, teaching.
  • To easily explain something difficult to someone else. In business, school, institute.
  • And especially when you want to enter the Flow (the state when you do something in one breath).

Mind Maps VS Lists

Agree, when you see your thoughts, your projects like this, it is much easier for you to see the whole picture, find ideas and make decisions.

Mind map - how to survive falling from a helicopter

Than when the same information is in the form of regular lists:

  • Survival
  • Helicopter
  • Change wind
  • Navigation
  • Girl
  • Glasses
  • Terrier
  • Woof!!!


And one moment

Sometimes things seem simple. And then you start doing it. And it turns out that much more difficult.

With mind maps, the opposite is true. They seem difficult at first. And then it turns out, wow, how simple it is!

And by the way...

🙄 We made a mind map service here. We invite you to try it at the link https://ioctopus.online/demo

Also see the simple step-by-step instruction How to create a mind map. We think that after reading it, you will become experts in mind maps, even if you are now at zero.


"Jim" easily and deftly bounces to the side and dodges the collapsed helicopter, only wet his palms :)
So you see that mind maps really work.

Mind map - Pathos


Author of the article: Roman M.


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