Unobvious in IOctopus

19 august 2023

How to add an extra centre?

By right-click

extra center in mind map

You can also tear off a branch from other branches and then it becomes the centre

How to copy between IOctopus and text files?

Insert as text:

  • Double click on a branch.
  • Ctrl+v / Cmd+v

Paste as branches:

  • Click once on a branch so that a cursor does not appear inside.
  • Ctrl+C / Cmd+C
  • Open and paste into a text file. 

What's interesting:

  • All branches and sub branches will be inserted in a list with a structure.
  • You can select more branches by holding down Ctrl / Cmd while selecting. The selected branches and all subbranches will then be copied.
  • It also works vice versa. When copying from notepad to mind map.
  • Tasks are copied the same.

How to export a mind map to text?

Just select the centre and press Ctrl+C / Cmd+C. The content will be copied. Then paste Ctrl+V / Cmd+V into any text document. 

Icons can also be installed by dragging and dropping

Then there is no need to highlight a branch.

The latest icons are displayed above a search

There you can pin them (as favourites)

How to change the length of a branch?

  1. Select branch
  2. Pull the edge

To return to the standard length, pull further:

You can insert images simply by dragging and dropping them from your computer

Which themes are there and what are they for?

  • For higher concentrations - standard blue
  • For seamless insertion into presentations and documents - with a white background
  • Dark blue - a nighttime theme to make your eyes more comfortable
  • There is a soft watercolour theme
  • A technical dark grey
  • And a new grey one for emptiness and meaninglessness

By the way, note that themes in IOctopus are not only about a design, but also about an interface so that it doesn't hurt your eyes.

"Flexible" design

Have you noticed the branches look organic?

That the branches are smoothly getting thinner.
Mind maps specifically do not have flat squares and other flat shapes.

A lot of brainpower spent on this (pretty much all geometry from school).
This is all to make it easier for you to perceive your mind maps.
Because these are the kinds of branches the human brain has been used to for millions of years.
Natural lines are easier for him.

The chief inventor of the mind map technique, Tony Buzan, drew attention to this.

By the way, you can change the thickness of the branches:

branch width

How to move around a map?

  • With a touchpad as usual - with two fingers
  • With a mouse - pull on an empty space
  • Use mouse wheel - up and down
    Hold Shift - left and right
    Hold Alt - acceleration (comes in handy on large maps)

How else can links be inserted?

To display links as icons.
That's it:

Alt + C - copy link to a branch
Alt + V - insert link in a branch

Speaking of security and privacy

All your files are encrypted using the aes-256 method.
On all tariff plans. Even on the free Moon.
Even we (developers) cannot see the contents of your files.

In June 2003, the US National Security Agency ruled that The AES cipher is strong enough to be used to protect classified information. Up to the SECRET level, keys of 128 bits in length were allowed, The TOP SECRET level required keys of 192 and 256 bits in length.

An example of what we see in your files:

Mind map encrypted

If you haven't tried it yet, try it:

Drawing icons

So that even with a touchpad, even with a chicken paw, it's easy to draw your icons. Sometimes faster than finding an icon in the database. And the meaning can be conveyed much more accurately.


Good for managing tasks that consist of multiple steps.

Collaboration mode

When you are editing a file with another person at the same time.
And everyone sees what the other is doing.

Why are there only 10 colours?

Mind map colours

First of all, colours have a primarily practical meaning.
It is easier for a brain to understand what is connected and what is separate when there are no more than 7 colours.
Maximum 10.

Secondly, these colours have been well worked on so that they blend in.

So even if you are not a designer, you can create presentable maps quickly and easily.

You may also find this button helpful:

Have you noticed what it is doing?
It brings order to the colours, arranging them into a rainbow.

Import / Export

Import from XMind, Freemind and MindMeister.

Import mind maps from Xmind and MindMeister

Export to Png, Jpeg, Pdf, text, Markdown.

Export mind map to pdf, png, jpeg

Where to add people to your team?


Mind map for teams

You will then be able to select them in "Share":

Mind maps for teams

You can enter any email you want to share with.

But when you add a person to your team, you can simply select them instead of having to manually write emails every time.

This user also gets access to the functionality of your subscription.

Where is the list of hotkeys?

There is a button at the top centre

hotkeys for mindmapping

How to get special functionality?

Especially for those who want something special in mind maps, we have created a plug-in system.

You can either order a plug-in from us or develop the plug-in yourself (plug-ins are written in javascript).

Look at the plug-ins

Example plugin (displays branches with selected icons only):

Adorei as funcionalidades, ainda estou explorando o programa mas já estou amando
Bruno Costa
24 august 2022
24 august 2022