08 Oct 2021

Features / Branch width

Now it's up to you to choose how wide the branches will be.

You can change the width of one branch. Or all at once.

Mind map Branch width
29 Sep 2021

Features / Export

If you want to print a mindmap, you need to take screenshots and make a collage 😵‍💫 Stop putting up with it!

Meet the new feature - export! Click-click and your map is in .jpg or .png format.

Voila 😌

Mind map export
22 Sep 2021

Features / Connections between branches

10 Aug 2021

Blog / Connections between branches (prototype)

We're making connections between branches now. There's still a lot of work to do. But there's already a lot to see.

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05 Aug 2021

Blog / How to make a mind map

When someone asks you: "how to make mind maps?", just send the link to the interactive article in response.

Mind map news
22 Jul 2021

Features / White theme

Especially for creating nice presentations, we made a white theme on IOctopus. It works even when you're not a designer!


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05 Jul 2021

Features / Images

The ability to upload images from your computer to the maps is ready.

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04 Jun 2021

Features / Links

How to add a link to another branch in a mind map?

One of IOctopus users (his name is Cristian) gave us an idea:
a way to link and jump from one branch to another.

The idea seemed to us very interesting...

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Mind map links
23 May 2021

Features / Affiliates Program

Now you can invite people to ioctopus and get a 21% of their payments. Read more at

IOctopus mindmap affiliate program
01 may 2021

Features / Icon Size

We could do the resizing as in other similar programs. For example, when you can set any size of pictures with the mouse.

However, IOctopus has its own philosophy...

Read more in our blog

Mindmap icon size

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