04 Jun 2021

Features / Links

How to add a link to another branch in a mind map?

One of IOctopus users (his name is Cristian) gave us an idea:
a way to link and jump from one branch to another.

The idea seemed to us very interesting...

Read 👉

Mind map links
23 May 2021

Features / Affiliates Program

Now you can invite people to ioctopus and get a 21% of their payments. Read more at

IOctopus mindmap affiliate program
01 may 2021

Features / Icon Size

We could do the resizing as in other similar programs. For example, when you can set any size of pictures with the mouse.

However, IOctopus has its own philosophy...

Read more in our blog

Mindmap icon size

20 Apr 2021

Features / Mobile adaptation

Why has IOctopus been so long without mobile adaptation?

You should agree that it is most pleasant to work with mental maps on a large computer screen. And that's what we were focused on.

But how can a web-service be without adaptation in 2021? In additional, there may not be a computer nearby.

Yes, we agree. So it's time 🙂

Mental maps / Mobile adaptation

Now all the features is available on your phones and tablets, including collaboration. Especially for small screens, we have redesigned the interface, which adapts to the situation and displays only what is needed at the moment.

And also we have optimized the performance. So that you can comfortably use not the most modern smartphones.

See how the adaptation works in the demo

30 Mar 2021

Features / Left Side

Mental map left and right sides
17 Mar 2021

Features / Collaboration

You can see other users and edit the same file with them.

Mind map collaboration mode

To test this, just invite someone to the demo.

28 Jan 2021

Features / Sharing

Simple sharing for read-only and editable modes.

Follow the link to test it

Mindmap sharing
19 Jan 2021

Features / Drag and drop icons and colors

This function is made at the suggestion of the user. Thank you for the idea!

Drag and drop icons and colors in a mindmap
13 Jan 2021

Features / Tasks

IOctopus / mindmap tasks
22 Dec 2020

Features / Clipboard

IOctopus mind map clipboard
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