Sizes of icons in IOctopus mind maps


We could do the resizing as in other similar programs. For example, when you can set any size of pictures with the mouse.

However, IOctopus mind maps has its own philosophy...

Why does the size change with just 1 click?

To be less distracted by technical nuances. For example:

  • to select an icon
  • to aim at the corner of the icon
  • to drag
  • to release in the right place
  • sometimes this process has to be repeated

When developing IOctopus, we pay maniacal attention to simplicity and clarity.

That is why the size of the icons can be switched with just 1 click. It doesn't distract you. And it helps to pay more attention to your ideas and projects. It helps you get into the flow state.

Why is there only 2 sizes?

Have you ever noticed that smooth designs look neater and clearer?

Agree, when there are icons of different sizes on the mind map, it is difficult to catch a clear difference between them. Try to determine which icons in this picture are large and which are small? (especially in the center)

Let's look at the next picture. Note that here your eyes immediately see a clear difference between the icons, which are small and which are large:

That is why IOctopus has only 2 specially selected icon sizes to keep your mind maps neat and clear.

People who look at your maps will have a greater sense of cleanliness. They will also see at a glance which icons are more important than others.

As you can see, it is no coincidence that simplicity and clarity are important elements of the IOctopus philosophy.

To try sizes in a demo without registration, follow the link

Author of the article: Roman M.


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