IOctopus - Deep Dive Mind Maps 😈


So deep where the most primitive part of the human being is. It can't even speak, and it doesn't understand words.

This is the inner animal part that wants sex, that wants to growl, show its teeth, and tear it to pieces. It wants a mouthful of bloody drool.

This is a live drive. And there are no more obstacles, no more pain. And there's a feeling "wow - everything is so real!".

How can you explain your plan to your inner beast when it doesn't understand the words? In fact, it understands words. Because there is a special translator in the brain.

But most of all it is influenced by images. No one can't escape him. It sees right through a person's face.

That's why mind maps work so good

They connect words into an image into a structure. And that's why the IOctopus mind maps are just like that...

  • Minimalistic design with specially selected colors is not full of an abundance of some incomprehensible buttons. It allows your beast to calmly focus on the essence.
  • IOctopus has natural branches instead of squares. Because it is to such branches that the brain has been adapted for millions and millions of years. It's like dinosaurs. And so it was before them.
  • IOctopus has a simple icon search. And there are only 7 specially selected colors in the palette. This is the amount that the human brain can easily distinguish. You do not get lost on "what color to choose????". You just pick one while continuing to engage with the essence.

All this helps your plan to spread through your inner beast. Now it's a related picture that he sees.

Do you know what a flow state is?

This is when your inner beast is siding with you, and here is free ... 🦧

And a couple more points...

  • IOctopus works in any modern browser. This is why you can work in a team with different operating systems (Mac OS, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, etc).
  • There is a task function that will help you see both the general state and the little things to make it even more convenient for you to make plans.
  • You can also collaborate on one file together with other people at the same time. And you can not worry about the fact that someone will have an outdated file that is not up-to-date.

Well, that's it.

Now follow the link and taste IOctopus. Rrrrrr... Yum yum....

Author of the article: Roman M.


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