31 May 2023

Features / Copy branches as text

New! Copy branches as text by CTRL+Shift+C or right-click menu.

copy branch as text

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19 May 2023

Features / Ctrl + Up/Down arrow for moving branches

At the suggestion of user Peter, a handy thing has been done - moving branches with Ctrl + Up/Down arrow. The control is now even more manual and quicker.
IOctopusers, thanks for your ideas!

branch moving by ctrl

Feel free to write us 🐙

09 May 2023

Features / BETA version

This is where we test new features. Often OctopUsers ask us for a some feature. We appear it first in the B-version. So, If you want to use all available handy features at once, switch to Beta in the settings.

ioctopus beta version

Check what's there already:

25 Apr 2023

Features / Catalog

Introducing Open Mind Map Catalog! You can add your own maps or explore and download other. Already includes examples on a variety of topics. Business, health, learning, psychology, etc.

Get inspired and add your own!

catalog of mind maps examples

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06 Apr 2023

Features / Acceleration

To make large mind maps run faster. There are two levels:
- Basic. Works all the time.
- Optional. Can be switched on/off by Edit->Settings.

Available by subscription, check plans.

fast mindmapping


21 Mar 2023

Features / Export to Text and Markdown

In the export options list, you can select "text" or "markdown", then you can copy your mind map into any text document with the structure intact.

mind map to text

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06 Mar 2023

Features / File History

History allows the team to keep track of changes in the mind map, which is very useful for teamwork. And that's something that was sometimes sorely lacking in the personal maps as well.

mind maps history

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22 Feb 2023

Features / Auto-Icons

Icons can take a long time to find. So people sometimes don't use it. And this reduces an effect of mind maps. Now with one click you can add a matching icon without any searching.

ioctopus auto icons

All for your laziness and efficiency 👉

07 Feb 2023

Features / OpenAI/GPT

Expand your mind maps to unimaginable limits with the automatic branch addition feature powered by neural network! Try this feature with just one simple click.

mind map ai gpt

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24 Jan 2023

Features / YouTube

IOctopus add a new plugin that will make your mind maps even more convenient and understandable. A new level of visualisation 🙂 Introducing the ability to insert YouTube videos directly into branches!

insert video into branches


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