Use Videos in mind map and Take Your Visualisation to the Next Level


IOctopus has a new plug-in that will make your mind maps even more visual and understandable. A new level of visualisation 🙂 Introducing the ability to insert YouTube videos directly into your branches.

With just a few clicks you can add video clips to your mind maps. So you can now watch a video directly in a branch. And if necessary, you can expand it to full screen. Or adjust the viewing size.

sizes video mind map

How can a video in mind maps help you?

This is ideal for online presentations, notes on video tutorials and master classes. It's also convenient for storing recordings of video meetings and conferences. Look:

  1. Improved engagement
    Videos can be a more engaging way to present information than text or images alone, making it more likely that viewers will retain the information.
  2. Increased comprehension
    Videos can provide a more complete picture of a topic, including both visual and auditory elements, making it easier to understand and remember.
  3. Time-saving
    By integrating videos directly into mind map branches, users no longer have to switch between multiple windows or applications to view them.
  4. Convenience
    With the ability to insert videos directly into mind map branches, users have everything they need in one place, making it more convenient for them to work.
  5. Greater flexibility
    Videos can be inserted into any branch in the mind map, making it easy to create a customized learning experience.
  6. Increased creativity
    The ability to include videos in mind maps opens up new possibilities for creative presentations and projects.
  7. Improved accessibility
    Videos can be a more accessible way to present information for people with different learning styles or accessibility needs.

YouTube in mind map - it's easy!

All you have to do is add the plugin, then paste the link of the video you want to watch into the branch and voila! The video will appear right there in your mind map. This makes it incredibly convenient for users who want to use videos in their presentations or for those who just want to add a visual element to their mind maps.

We've made sure that this feature is easy to use. You don't have to be a tech whiz to figure it out. Simply paste the link in the branch without any other text (so that only the link to the video is in the text) and to make the video appear, deselect the branch. It's that simple!

Also, if you go in to change the size or other settings of the video - more advanced settings are available with a simple constructor.

video code in ioctopus

Although we have received many requests for the ability to insert videos from YouTube into the mind maps, we realise that not all of our users need this feature. Some people like minimalism and may not need much extra visualisation. That's why we've made this feature as a plugin.

And you can install it in just a couple of clicks and use it only when you need it.

How to add video to an mind map?

To do this, insert the link in the branch without any other text so that only the link to the video is in the branch text:

youtube link in mindmap

To make the video appear, deselect the branch:
video Youtube in ioctopus

You can now click Play and watch the video.

Read more about the plugin and how it works here.


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