How to add a team?


On the Galaxy plan, you can add users to your team. They will have access to the advanced features of the plan. It will also make it easier to work on shared mind maps. Similarly, a team can be added to the Galaxy Enterprise plan.

How to add a user to a team?

From the "Account" menu, go to the "Team" section:

team for mindmapping

Press the "Add member" button:

Add member to mind map

And fill in the new user details (only email is possible):

add team mindmap member

The user will receive an email notification to be added to your team. And he/she will be able to use the Galaxy tariff features when working with mind maps.

mind map team

If users is not already registered with IOctopus, they will receive an invitation to follow a link and enter their password.

This way you can add 1 user within the plan at no extra cost. And as many users as you like for a fee per user. 

You can add and delete users from the list in the "Team" section at

To increase the number of users in the team, with whom you want to work together in mind maps, click the button "+Increase", select the desired team size, chose a payment method, pay and then add new users.

mind map for team

If you do not know how many users you need and do not want to count, you can switch to the Galaxy Enterprise plan and pay by invoice for a pack of mind map users. Write to to find out more about Galaxy Enterprise.


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