How can mind maps help increase your company's profits



For example, in a mind map, it is convenient to see what you have now and what you want to get.

In this format, you can immediately see:

  • the ways of moving,
  • the pros and cons,
  • the benefits and costs.

It is possible to collect all the options, to make connections with what relates to what, priorities, and it is easy to add or remove something.

So if you make a strategic map of the main goals, as you see it, and distribute it to the heads of departments/responsible persons. They will understand at a glance what it is all about, where the focus is. 

mind map of company communications

With this, it will be easier for departments to make right tactical maps for their areas and not to miss the main things.  

  • Make goals and define a plan to achieve them in their departments/teams.
  • Bring the message to employees.

Who also won't need a long explanation. Because in mind maps everything is clear and at a glance the whole situation can be seen and the details can be clearly seen. 

In this way to focus on the tasks and goals set, it is convenient to set up e-mail notifications to employees every morning or every Monday, for example, with a link to the map. This can also be done directly from IOctopus mind maps. 

What do you get? 

  • Employees see the process clearly. 
  • This gives them better quality control.
    You can use checklist mode so that staff and managers can see when tasks are ready.
    And immediately track where things are going well.
    And where problems are brewing and action needs to be taken.

By the way, finding a solution can also be made more convenient by mind maps. If you brainstorm to the person or to the team in real time and draft solutions. And then arrange the pros and cons and see the best way out. 

  • Then, when a solution has been found, the link to the summary map can be shared with other staff in view-only mode, and trusted staff can be shared for editing as well.

It also works effectively when mind maps are used by employees in their day-to-day tasks both individually and within the department. 

corporation mind map

This allows easier and faster:

  • communication within the team,
  • control of deadlines and quality,
  • new ideas and improvements to the product and workflow.

So you get a better product and service. 

And besides that the product will increase the value to the customer. This will provide an increase in satisfied customers. And consequently positive feedback. A high rating and good reputation will bring new customers. Increased sales. And profits. Yum yum.

Why is IOctopus mind maps good for corporate use?


  • Export
  • Nice presentations

Mind maps can be used to produce a report for a client. For cases or presentations. Minimalistic design, flexible branches and different themes help to create a pleasant and clear picture for the client.  

There is an export function, so it is easy to print it out and bring it in hard copy to a meeting or to make a presentable presentation.

It is also convenient to be able to embed an interactive map directly on the website page, for example by adding a checklist with checkboxes. You can put it on a blog, on a landing page or in the instructions section for internal work.


  • Share
    • to view
    • to edit
  •     Multiplayer
  •     Ability to embed a mind map on a webpage

As Octopus is an online service, there is no need to install special software on each employee's computer. You can work with mind maps from any device and operating system - Windows macOS, Linux android or other - everything will work for everyone. 

For communication between employees, there is a sharable link function with two modes - edit or view only. 

If you share a link for editing with several participants - even if it is the whole department - they can edit the mind map at the same time and see in real time the cursors of other people and the changes made by each person.  


  • Intuitive functionality

The service has obvious functionality. So you don't need to waste your time training your employees, taking separate courses and studying the documentation. The intuitive functionality will do everything for you.


  • All your files are encrypted using the aes-256 method
  • On all plans. Even the free Moon
  • Even we don't see the contents of your files ourselves

All the information the corporation stores in the mind map is visible only to its users. No one from the outside looks at their files or has access to them. IOctopus works with encryption. It also works from IOctopus team. So even we can't see the contents of your files. So if you have any questions about specific maps, we ask you to send us a link with a view or edit mode. 


  • Fast
  • Personalised
  • Answer together with a solution

We understand what a responsibility it is - a service that an entire team depends on. That's why we prioritise the fastest and most personalised support possible. We process your request as soon as we see it. And if it is possible we will give you the answer together with a solution.

We are also ready to discuss functionality that your team is missing.

review of ioctopus mind maps support

Adaptation to your business

  • Plugins

IOctopus has a catalogue of plugins and the ability to add exclusive functionality to suit your needs. You can add new plugins.

IOctopus can make them for you. Or your developers, if that would be more convenient for you (and you don't want to tell us your ideas 🙂).

Legal side

  • Contract
  • Regular invoices
  • $ current account

For the convenience of legal entities, we accept payment into a current account in dollars. After signing the contract, we will prepare regular invoices for you - either monthly or for an agreed period. 

Employee registration

  • Corporate email
  • Promo code
  • Email list

Your employees can be added to the service when they register via corporate email automatically for your corporate plan.

It is also possible to add employees by promo code which they will specify when registering.  

And we can add access to your employees via an email list.


  • Flexible plan

We are ready to discuss the terms of use of the service individually for your company and to make a flexible plan to suit your needs. For example, the cost depends on the number of accounts and the payment period. Contact us 


As you can see, mind maps simplify teamwork. And coordinated teamwork is a big part of a company's success. In this way, mind maps can influence both the quality of the product and the growth of profits. Even if you only use some of the mindmap`s features.

Author of the article: Jane S.


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