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Business is about strategy, planning, researching possible development options and choosing the best one. If you need a clear, easy-to-use tool, then take a look at how a mind map works in business.

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business mind map

Whereas a few years ago, a mind map for business was more of an interesting experiment, today more and more teams are using this tool in their daily work. It's time to get to know it better!

What is a mind map in business?

A business mind map is thoughts, ideas, suggestions organised into graphical diagrams. In doing so, you can trace relationships, group and organise all information, and quickly assess the amount of known data.  

Perhaps one of the prototypes could be an investigation map, which is often found in detectives. A large board with pictures, addresses, clues, from which a unified picture of the crime gradually emerges with a clear logic and indisputable evidence. 

detective mind map

Of course, businessmen and detectives have different goals, but the means of achieving them are very similar.

Options for use mind maps in business processes

At what point might a mind map be needed for a successful venture?

  • Idea generation - a mind map of business ideas can help you solve a problem, look at the situation from a new perspective, see possible pitfalls, and think of and group together a variety of options during a brainstorming session;
  • Planning and designing - the business strategy mind map allows you not only to collect all proposals, but also to create possible development scenarios. You will be able to forecast every step of the project, combine similar steps, prescribe the best path, and estimate the amount of work and resources needed;
  • Decision-making - mind-mapping tools are great for business intelligence. They describe the situation at all levels, help to build a logical chain and draw conclusions for further work; 
  • Employee training - sometimes a lot of time is spent on describing the company. You need to remember to describe the structure, the functions of each department, the amount of work to be done, and a list of questions that you can ask a particular employee about. While a business study mind map will present all the information in a simple and clear diagram;
  • Consolidated cooperation - an electronic mind map application for small businesses will allow you to participate in the process anytime, anywhere, without being tied to a meeting room in the office. 

business mind map

Stages of creation - how to make a mind map of a business:

  1. Define a goal, because a mind map for starting a business will be different from a project to create a company promotion plan
  2. Analyse exactly what information you need on the mind map
  3. Start building with a key thought, which should be placed in the centre, and branch off into information blocks from it
  4. Use different colours to make the data easier to read
  5. Structure the elements and be sure to show their links to each other

You should get a visually clear diagram that is easy to work with and easy to read and understand. Read more How to make a mind map

A modern mind-map tool for business success

There are many offers on the market today, but we advise choosing the best mind mapping software for business - thoughtfully designed, with easy management and online teamwork capabilities. 

IOctopus is just such a product. Its benefits:

  • Multi-platform - works perfectly on desktop computers, smartphones and tablets;
  • Minimalism - no distractions, just choose the right design for your project. This is what a mind map of business examples might look like:

mind map examples business cafe

  • Online format - all work is done online, there is no need to install the software on a computer. That is, participants can use from any device and see changes instantly 'here and now', which is a great option for creating a mind map for an online business;
  • Real-time cooperation - each team member can open a map at their workplace and work not only on their own direction, but also to complement others' or participate in brainstorming sessions;
  • Versatility - you can use the platform to create presentations for clients, prepare reports or plan weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual work for yourself, your department or the company as a whole;
  • Share function - send a link to the mind map to colleagues, clients or your manager, and you can define who can only view the file and who can add and edit. 

Moreover, if you want something special for your business, please contact us, maybe we can make a plugin specifically for your needs.

And we have a corporate plan, you can pay for employee accounts with a current account. Contact us to find out more about it.

So, you can try the demo mind map now.

Create a mind map and see the first results.

Author of the article: Marina S.


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