How to make nice presentations even when you're not a designer?


Because a presentation is a way to present information clearly and convey your ideas to the audience. About a product, a service, a company. For explaining a process. For science or business. In any case, it is important that it was simple, beautiful and visual. The success of the presentation depends on it.

Especially for this we have made a white theme on IOctopus mind maps. So, how to do?

  • Write the thesis of the presentation in the branches.
  • Take a screenshot.
  • Place it on a slide or website.

Thanks to a specially selected combination of colors and white background, such a slide will look nice and professional and, most importantly, clearly convey your ideas.

It works equally well on the big screen and on paper. So, even when you are not a designer you will have great slides for your project with IOctopus.

Have you already tried using mind maps for your presentations? What do you think about the white theme?

Author of the article: Jane S.


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