10 Jan 2023

Features / Drag and drop

Before, to put a file in a folder, you had to copy it, then open the folder and paste it. Now it's easier to do this with a simple drag and drop. All for your convenience.

drag and drop mind map in folder

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23 Dec 2022

Features / Formatting menu

Someone already noticed that a formatting menu has appeared when selecting text. This allows you to choose to format letters or, conversely, to remove all formatting. And you can also change text alignment. That's it, almost like Word, eh?🐙

formatting menu

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08 Dec 2022

Features / Hashtag-plugin

It gives you to add hashtags to mind maps and display only branches with selected hashtags (hide others).

hashtag focus

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28 Nov 2022

Features / Improved export

When you need to export a large map in a small size. And it's important that the text is well readable. We have made it possible to enlarge the text when exporting. With this checkbox as in the screenshot.

export mind maps

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17 Nov 2022

Features / Calendar and Gantt chart

Install new plug-in and use Calendar and Gantt chart. Set up with the right mouse button.

Calendar and Gantt chart service

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2 Nov 2022

Functions / Semi free arrangement

The possibility to arrange the branches as you want is ready. Should work well.

branches anywhere on the mind map

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12 Oct 2022

Features / Grey theme

A new theme, grey as substance in your brain. Grey as depression. Gloom. Meaninglessness. Void.

Ten shades for the centre. Grey tentacles. And even the menu is grey. Maximum greyness for you.

gray mind maps

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27 Sept 2022

Features / Branch thickness

IOctopus has become more subtle. You can regulate the thickness of branches with the range in themes settings. Choose bold or thin tentacles in your mind maps.

subtle mind maps


13 Sept 2022

Features / Paw

How to split text with a single click? Using new paw tool, it is handy to split text within a branch into different branches.

spliting paw

More details here:

01 Sept 2022

Features / Icon-filtering plugin

New icon-filtering plugin is ready! For easy visual focus on the information you want. For more structuring. Select an icon and look through all branches that are marked with it.

icon filtering plugin in ioctopus

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