27 Jan 2022

Features / Zoom control

We added buttons and a scale control slider because IOctopUsers requested it. So you can operate the zoom with only one finger and without a keyboard.

Details for convenience are really important.
Do you think same?

ioctopus mind map zoom control

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19 Jan 2022

Features / Quick new map

Did you know about a quick way to create a new mind map at

Save your time - add to bookmarks this url and create a map with one click!

💡 Now even the fastest ideas will stay with you.

ioctopus quick mind map

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29 Dec 2021

Features / New theme

One more new theme!

Soft, watercoloured and creative.
It is now Jane's favourite design.
Pretty, isn't it?

ioctopus mind map new theme

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25 Dec 2021

Something actual to you

About the holidays 🎄

Our little IOctopus team sends our sincere greetings and hugs to you. We wish you:

  • Take care of yourself and let yourself have a good time.
  • Find cool goals.
  • Spend time with warm people.

And especially wish you to listen to your inner beasty (that is your inner You). To your deepest desires, hidden from the mind, for which it is difficult to find words. But which you can see if you give yourself some silence and close your eyes. Direct your gaze somewhere in the centre of yourself... and then, if you like, immediately - before it slips away - fix it in the mental tentacles of IOctopus 😉

Also hugs to your inner beasties.

With warmth,
Roman & Jane,
IOctopus founders.

22 Dec 2021

Recording of the webinar "How mind maps enhance your thinking"

The webinar is part of the e-TALK webinar series of the Department Nanotechnology, Institute of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Saveetha School of Engineering.

How mind maps enhance your thinking

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03 Dec 2021

Features / New theme

A more technical one. This theme is for concentrate and hold attention. Yes, it's a dark theme. Might like designers, gamers, programmers and night owls.

mind map new theme

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22 Nov 2021

Webinar / How mind maps enhance thinking?

Event Date: 13th December 2021
Organized by Department of Nanotechnology, Institute of Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Mind map etalk

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16 Nov 2021

Features / Text comments to a branch

Sometimes you need to write a lot in a branch.
But the main idea of mind maps is to write little.
It is important because short mind maps are easier to remember and perceive.

So, how to do this?

Mind map Text comments

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31 Oct 2021

Features / Plugins

Advanced features are available for installation in two clicks. We have catalogued the first ready-made plug-ins, look

Mind map Plugins
18 Oct 2021

Features / Formula

The script adds the ability to add formulas to your mind maps for automatic calculation.

Mind map formula

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