Icon drawing in mind maps


How can you visualise your thoughts even faster, 
easier and more relevant?

Mind mapping is a visual technique and it is common to use icons and pictures for visibility. 

For example, you can choose an icon by topic from the base. Yes, it's very easy by searching in our icon catalogue. But even though there are 1001 icons in the base, it's not always possible to find a completely relevant icon. 

Also, the search for a good image on the Internet can spend hours.

That's why, in order to make visualisation easier, so that you can express your thoughts quickly and even more accurately, we've added icon drawing to IOctopus.

And we've made this feature in a such a way that you can draw an icon quickly and easily, even with a mouse. And even with a touchpad.

Also, drawing engages more creative parts of your brain than selecting icons from a list. Which helps you get into the flow better. 

And best of all, you don't have to be an artist to do it. As the objective is not the beauty of the picture, but the conveyance of the meaning. Anyone can draw a clear icon, and even a crooked icon will do. It will be nice. We've tried to make these drawing tools so that the icons are simple and cute, without much effort.

Your mind maps and the drawings in them can be attractive. 

See an example:

drawing icon in mind map

Try it for yourself:

how to draw icon in mind map

The icon will be on a transparent background unless it is painted over. You can choose the colour and size of the brush. There is no eraser. But canceling by CTRL+Z works. And you can select the line you have drawn with this tool "" and delete it.

You can also edit and finish drawing the icon. Or delete the whole thing. If you right-click on the image and select the desired option:

edit and delete icon in mind map

If you draw icons for the same branch with someone else at the same time, who is last to click on the button "" that picture will be saved.

Try to draw: https://ioctopus.online/demo 

Author of the article: Jane S.


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