What are the main visualization features found in mind maps?

05 july 2021

These are:

  • Visual branch structure;
  • Adding different icons;
  • And inserting images.

Yes, IOctopus now has all three of these features. 

data visualization mind map

You can load images from your computer into the maps for idea visualization. At the branches they will be displayed small but nice. When you click, they will expand to the full screen with a lightbox. 

How do to add a picture?

The easiest way to add an image is to simply drag it to the branch or the center.

But there is a second option - using the icons menu.

visualization mind map

To replace with another - just load or drag another image. 

Delete - right click on the picture.

delete visualization mind map


That's all, try it yourself in your map, before you forget how to do it 🙂