How to add a link to another branch in a mind map?

04 june 2021

One of IOctopus users gave us an idea:
a way to link and jump from one branch to another.

The idea seemed to us very interesting, and we thought about how to improve it a little ...

And now you can use special links to another branches of the same mind map or another map. Or it could be links to different sites.

How to add a link to mind map?

  1. Copy branch URL
    • Select a branch
    • Copy by a shortcode
      • Ctrl+Alt+C
      • Cmd+Alt+C
  2. Paste the copied URL to another branch
    • Select another branch
    • Paste by a shortcode
      • Ctrl+Alt+V
      • Cmd+Alt+V

How to remove a link from a mind map?

Just repeat the paste again to remove it.

How to send someone a link to a branch?

  1. Copy the link URL (as above)
  2. Send the copied URL to someone

P.S. Any ideas?

Write us to

And probably we will make it for you...