Connections between branches (done)

22 september 2021

We seem to have a great relationship. Look, there's a new button at the top makes the connections between branches.

What is it?

The connectors connect two branches by a line or an arrow. This is useful when data in different branches are related in meaning but are located in different places on the map. Or for algorithms and sequences. With connectors, it is easy to find linked nodes, even when the map is very large. 

Mind map connections (relationshops)

Without connections you have to keep in your mind, where is that one? And scour the whole map looking for the right branch.

Connections, on the other hand, greatly simplify this point. With them, you can see the relationship of the branches clearly at a glance. 

Automatic mode (experimental feature of IOctopus)

You know, there's usually a nuance to this: when you map the connectors and then change the map (minimise, unfold, add branches, etc.) you have to correct the location of the connectors.

Mind map connections standard mode

The lines are layered on top of the text and everything is messed up, it doesn't look neat, you correct it, then you touch it again and correct it, correct, correct... AAH!

This is why we have made automatic mode. And when you activate it, the connector, like a mushroom mycelium in a labyrinth, will find the best way and always try to avoid obstacles.  Carefulness will be kept for folding and unfolding at even 100500 times and more. So, automatic mode can, in some cases, save you a lot of time.

Mind map connections auto mode

How to add connections?

Click on a branch then click on another branch to create a relationship. 
You can add a caption to the connector or not. And set the curve with the levers. 

How to set up a connection?

If you want the connectors can be an arrow. Select the connector and use or to add direction.

There is also another button - it is for the automatic mode of the connector.

Mind map connection set up

Try to do this.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to write them below in the comments.

Author of the article: Jane S.


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