Paw tool

05 january 2023

The Paw Tool in IOctopus Mind Maps


To stay in a state of flux.

Instead of trying to think at once:

  1. About Thought.
  2. And "How do I structure my thought into branches?

Now you can forget about structure altogether. Just write as you write. You'll be able to structure it later, when you finish all your thoughts.

So you can quickly turn large texts into branches, inserted from some documents, articles or books. Instead of pasting-copying in bits and pieces, just paste the text once and shuffle it with the Paw.

Test drive in a minute

  1. Click this button to turn on the Paw
  2. Separate text with the Paw
    • Left mouse button
    • Right mouse button

Try the Paw


Introducing an updated feature of the PAW tool - AUTO PAW! For your flow state while mindmapping. The neural network helps you to break solid text into branches considering the content. Look how easy it works:

A little more about the Paw Tool

IOctopus mind maps offers a unique feature that makes it easy to organize and structure large amounts of text quickly and efficiently. The Paw tool is designed to help users easily break down big chunks of text into smaller, manageable branches.

How to easily and quickly break down a large text into mind map branches? - Use the Paw Tool!

One of the main benefits of using the Paw tool is that it allows users to focus on capturing their thoughts and ideas, without getting bogged down in the details of structuring them. Instead of worrying about how to organize information as you write, you can simply write down your thoughts, and then use the Paw to structure them later.

how works paw tool

The Paw tool also makes it easy to insert text from other sources, such as documents, articles, or books. Instead of copying and pasting text in small chunks, you can simply paste the entire text into the mind map and then use the Paw to shuffle it into branches.

The Paw is a powerful tool that can help users to stay in a state of flux. It allows you to work through your thoughts and ideas, while still being able to reorganize and restructure them as needed. Whether you're a student, a teacher, or a professional, the Paw can help you to better organize and understand large amounts of information, making it a valuable addition to our online mind map service.


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