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Healthy sleeping Healthy sleeping
Votos: 2
It is important to choose the right preparation for a healthy sleep. This mind map will help you arrive at this in the right way.
How to set goals How to set goals
Votos: 2
Learn how to effectively set and achieve your goals with this helpful mind map!
global issue global issue
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Research Paper Overview Research Paper Overview
Votos: 1
Descargas: 2
Plan and organize your research paper with this mind map. Learn how to structure your paper to make it easier to comprehend.
Cats Cats
Votos: 1
Discover the world of cats: domestic and wild, friendly and fast.
Safety on the Net Safety on the Net
Votos: 1
Stay safe online - learn about strategies, resources and legal protection for safer internet experience.
Burnout Burnout
Votos: 1
How to keep a resource and not burn out? Basic principles to help you be productive over the years, to ensure you don't miss out on life in pursuit of your goals and to retain the ability to rejoice in the results.
How to Win Friends and Influence People How to Win Friends and Influence People
Votos: 1
A mind map based on Dale Carnegie's book on how to please people, behave in conflict, be an interesting conversationalist and a good leader.