Primeiro, dê uma olhada em alguns exemplos

E abaixo os exemplos serão a demo :)


Mapa mental regular
Em geral
Exemplo de mapa mental na forma de peixe
Seleção automática de ícones usando redes neurais em mapas mentais IOctopus
Seleção de ícones com rede neural
Seleção automática de ramos usando redes neurais em mapas mentais IOctopus
Seleção de ramo de rede neural
Desenhar em Mapas Mentais
Desenhar ícones
Movendo ramos
Movendo ramos
História do arquivo de mapa mental
História do arquivo
(dia, mês, ano atrás)
Ferramenta Pata
Texto -> Rápido -> Ramificações
Tarefas em mapas mentais IOctopus
Pausa / Em andamento / Concluído
Modo de colaboração em mapas mentais IOctopus
Plugin: Filtro de ramos por ícones
Plugin: Filtro de ramos por ícones
Plugin: Calendário
Plugin: Calendário



Mind map: Demo

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  • FAQ

    • Can I edit same file at the same time with other users

    • Yes

    • To use collaboration mode,
      simply send a sharing link
      to other people

    • Also you can try collaboration mode in the demo file by sending to other people the link of this page

    • Can I use IOctopus offline?

    • In 2024, we plan to port IOctopus
      to Windows, Mac OS, Linux

    • In my opinion, it is better to draw mind maps on paper

    • Yes.
      We agree with this.

      • By drawing on paper, the brain works better.

      • And the results can also be better.

    • But.
      There is the Pareto principle. 

      • Which means that

      • There are a total of 20% efforts that give 80% of the result.

      • And the remaining 80% of efforts give only 20% of the result.

      • In this context, it means

      • That paper mind maps give you 100% of the result

      • Computer mind maps give you 80% of the result

    • Let's compare

      • Paper

      • 100% of the result

      • The map is harder to edit

      • Paper has a border

      • When a mind map has more than 5-10 elements,
        you have to spend more time and give more effort

      • Sometimes you need to take paper with you

      • You will not always be ready to draw a mind map on paper

      • Computer

      • 80% of the result

      • The map is easy to edit

      • The canvas is infinite,
        meaning that there is no border or limitations

      • When a mind map has more than 5-10 elements,
        you can make a mindmap much faster and easier

      • Your mindmap is with you every time that you have Internet, a computer or phone

      • As practice shows, people are much more willing to create mind maps on computer

    • Result

      • Paper

      • Once a month to get a 100% results,
        spending a lot of time and effort

      • Computer

      • Get 80% results several times a week,
        with minimal effort and time

    • How well will my information be protected?

    • Despite the fact that Octopus is only at the beginning of its development, we pay a lot of attention to the security of your confidential information

    • This is why all your mindmaps are encrypted
      using the 256-key AES algorithm

    • The AES algorithm has been approved by the us national security Agency as suitable for encrypting highly classified information

    • Example of encrypted information

      • xY7XDJqQJl/ngrca/LTg2UAfpBrf1yucKFtdmefejp46/Cm/97xD/jRDV0kwZXlRCQwxzAOG7iaqd6i2Pe3vX4zKmh5OWadH/YUtAt8nLFYdhwo0VImuYX9j5iVG08DBNpmGij/ncSGxq9dG8LkvyJhx7AGTd+iSmpQA7QOceNecKheta1rcOyrHPcklGc1LnIKWXVwFKcEj07HQrXzoZ+n+k7XP4D3PiC96X9U/CKtQApupauxbMgQw0D5mh1+q+lrXxvfstF7jyGKc+CPNncTdCVYjMOQRWv6ywuSLez/i6vynFH5ZJ2Park//SDrhPdNLF3/K+8kX3jidM5DeZcKnLOl4dmuSSOugh1v+qyytaBUH3WGkk...
    • Can I use IOctopus for free?

    • Yes

    • See Pricing

    • Can I get my money back if needed?

    • Yes. You can your money back within a first month of your subscription.

    • For more information, see the price list

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