Спочатку подивіться декілька прикладів

А нижче прикладів буде Демо :)


Звичайна ментальна карта
Приклад ментальної карти у вигляді риби
Автоматичний вибір значків за допомогою нейронних мереж в ментальних картах IOctopus
Вибір значків з нейронної мережі
Автоматичний вибір гілок за допомогою нейронних мереж в ментальних картах IOctopus
Вибір гілки нейронної мережі
Малювання в ментальних картах
Малювання іконок
Переміщення гілок
Переміщення гілок
Історія файлу ментальної карти
Історія файлу
(день, місяць, рік тому)
Інструмент Лапка
Текст -> Швидко -> Гілки
Завдання в ментальних картах IOctopus
Пауза / У процесі / Завершено
Режим співпраці у ментальних картах IOctopus
Плагін: Фільтр гілок по іконках
Плагін: Фільтр гілок по іконках
Плагін: Календар
Плагін: Календар



Mind map: Demo

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  • FAQ

    • Can I edit same file at the same time with other users

    • Yes

    • To use collaboration mode,
      simply send a sharing link
      to other people

    • Also you can try collaboration mode in the demo file by sending to other people the link of this page

    • Can I use IOctopus offline?

    • In 2024, we plan to port IOctopus
      to Windows, Mac OS, Linux

    • In my opinion, it is better to draw mind maps on paper

    • Yes.
      We agree with this.

      • By drawing on paper, the brain works better.

      • And the results can also be better.

    • But.
      There is the Pareto principle. 

      • Which means that

      • There are a total of 20% efforts that give 80% of the result.

      • And the remaining 80% of efforts give only 20% of the result.

      • In this context, it means

      • That paper mind maps give you 100% of the result

      • Computer mind maps give you 80% of the result

    • Let's compare

      • Paper

      • 100% of the result

      • The map is harder to edit

      • Paper has a border

      • When a mind map has more than 5-10 elements,
        you have to spend more time and give more effort

      • Sometimes you need to take paper with you

      • You will not always be ready to draw a mind map on paper

      • Computer

      • 80% of the result

      • The map is easy to edit

      • The canvas is infinite,
        meaning that there is no border or limitations

      • When a mind map has more than 5-10 elements,
        you can make a mindmap much faster and easier

      • Your mindmap is with you every time that you have Internet, a computer or phone

      • As practice shows, people are much more willing to create mind maps on computer

    • Result

      • Paper

      • Once a month to get a 100% results,
        spending a lot of time and effort

      • Computer

      • Get 80% results several times a week,
        with minimal effort and time

    • How well will my information be protected?

    • Despite the fact that Octopus is only at the beginning of its development, we pay a lot of attention to the security of your confidential information

    • This is why all your mindmaps are encrypted
      using the 256-key AES algorithm

    • The AES algorithm has been approved by the us national security Agency as suitable for encrypting highly classified information

    • Example of encrypted information

      • xY7XDJqQJl/ngrca/LTg2UAfpBrf1yucKFtdmefejp46/Cm/97xD/jRDV0kwZXlRCQwxzAOG7iaqd6i2Pe3vX4zKmh5OWadH/YUtAt8nLFYdhwo0VImuYX9j5iVG08DBNpmGij/ncSGxq9dG8LkvyJhx7AGTd+iSmpQA7QOceNecKheta1rcOyrHPcklGc1LnIKWXVwFKcEj07HQrXzoZ+n+k7XP4D3PiC96X9U/CKtQApupauxbMgQw0D5mh1+q+lrXxvfstF7jyGKc+CPNncTdCVYjMOQRWv6ywuSLez/i6vynFH5ZJ2Park//SDrhPdNLF3/K+8kX3jidM5DeZcKnLOl4dmuSSOugh1v+qyytaBUH3WGkk...
    • Can I use IOctopus for free?

    • Yes

    • See Pricing https://ioctopus.online/pricing

    • Can I get my money back if needed?

    • Yes. You can your money back within a first month of your subscription.

    • For more information, see the price list

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