Software for remote working

Working from home has both advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is achieving a better work-life balance.

how to organise work from home


Setting Goals: The Step-By-Step Guide to Achieving Success

Research has shown a direct link between setting goals and achieving success. Setting goals the right way allows you to move and feel productive while bringing significant value to your organisation, your project or taking your personal life to a new level of quality. Setting productive goals and objectives is not easy, but it can be learned!

how to set goals


How to leave a review of IOctopus on G2

Instructions on how to add a review of the IOctopus on the G2.


Як автоматично додавати гілки до інтелект-карт

Expand your mind maps to unimaginable limits with the automatic branch addition feature powered by OpenAI/GPT neural network. This feature is very useful when you want to quickly expand your mind map without having to search for information online.

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Тоні Базан: батько міндмапінгу

Чому наша пам'ять нас заблукає і як ми можемо покращити нашу інтелектування? Це питання, на яке запитував Тоні Базан. Він присвятив свою життя дослідженням функціонування мозку, пам'яті та думки і поділився своїми досвідами з людьми. Тоні Базан розробив широко використовувані методи навчання, один з яких - міндмепінг.

правила Тоні Базана


GoodFirms Accredits IOctopus as the Best Mind Mapping Software

IOctopus, the leading and advanced mind mapping solution, is endorsed by GoodFirms as the best mind mapping software.

IOctopus the Best Mind Mapping Software


Use Videos in mind map and Take Your Visualisation to the Next Level

IOctopus has a new plug-in that will make your mind maps even more visual and understandable. A new level of visualisation 🙂 Introducing the ability to insert YouTube videos directly into your mind map branches.

video Youtube in ioctopus



Mind Maps for Education: A Modern Learning Tool

Education mind maps are an effective tool for teachers, coaches, trainers, and their students seeking to systematize a large body of information into an understandable and easily digestible form. Mapping helps users create and share visual representations of lessons, programs, and research.

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From Idea to Book: How mind maps can help you write a novel

Most writers find it difficult to get started on an article, a post or a piece of fiction. How do you not get lost in confusing plots? How do you bring all the twists and turns together in the end without forgetting about the characters? Mind maps are a proven and practical creative method for organising information, plots and research, and for finding new and better ideas for your articles and books.


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