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12 june 2023

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What will I get for a review?

No matter if you leave a positive or negative feedback, as our gratitude you get:

  • Subscription Month
  • 1000 points to karma

Prepare a review

Any size, not necessarily big.
It can be just one sentence. Or even one word.

To make it easier for you to write a review, you can view prompting questions.

Look, maybe some of these questions can help you:

  • What do you do (profession, job)?
  • Why did you decide to use IOctopus?
  • What factor became decisive when choosing IOctopus?
  • How convenient was it to work in IOctopus?
  • What results have you achieved from using IOctopus?
  • What is the difference between IOctopus mind maps?
  • What can you say to those who are still considering subscribing to IOctopus?

1. Log in to the review service

For this open in the next tab the following address:

Press the "Login" button:

Select registration option

Simplified registration

If you have Skype, you can login with it, it is "Continue with Microsoft Account" button, same login and password.

If you have a Gmail account or any other suitable account, you can also choose the simplified registration with the following buttons:

Standard Registration

Otherwise, register by email:
(you can choose any email for registration, not necessarily the same as in IOctopus)

Confirm registration

Click the link in the email we sent you. If you didn’t receive an email, please check your spam folder.

Complete registration

After registration confirmation, you will open a form where you fill in your name and surname. If you wish, you can add your photo.

Prepare browser for review

For this first sign out by clicking on Sign Out
(for some reason it is necessary to leave a review):

Then log in again by pressing Login:

After that, go back to the IOctopus card at the following address:

Leave a review

Open the IOctopus card at the following address:

Press the like button (if you like IOctopus in general):

In the window that appears, click "Skip" to skip this step, it is not needed:

Fill out the form

Please rate IOctopus from 1 to 5 stars.
And insert your review text.

☝️ Only don't submit the form yet.

Take a screenshot of your review so we can later identify that it is indeed your review.

Example screenshot

Now send the review by clicking the blue "Post Review" button.

🎁 Show us your feedback (or just a like)

To make sure it is you who left this review:

Take a screenshot of the review you made earlier.

If you are applying for free access as a teacher or student, please go back to the application form and upload your screenshot there.

If you are not a teacher or a student, please send a screenshot of your review to Or write to support chat. To add you a month of subscription as a reward.

Thank you 🙏