Rules for adding a IOctopus card catalog entry

  1. You must have an IOctopus account and be an author of the added mind map.
  2. All mind cards being added must be created within our service and should not violate third party copyright.
  3. Only add logical, high quality and unique mind maps corresponding to the main topic of the IOctopus service.
  4. Don't add mind maps of unknown content and those not suitable for the IOctopus Catalogue.
  5. Don't duplicate or copy already existing mind maps.
  6. Do not curate mental maps that may be unsuitable for open access audience.
  7. Be careful with sharing images, messages with inappropriate or offensive language, and seemingly irrational, unjustified claims.
  8. We reserve the right to refuse users in adding thought maps to the Catalog and blocking access to it as well as to remove thought maps at any time without prior notice.
  9. We do not take responsibility for any content posted in the directory, and do not guarantee accuracy, completeness or reliability of this content.
  10. Adding a mind map to the catalogue enables commercial and other purposes.
  11. Using the directory means that you agree to these rules.