E-mail reminder

Why use it?

When you want to master a topic. Or to remind someone, such as employees, of important things.

Read more in the results of the experiment: Dreams & auto-enhancing of your skills.

How to master a topic?

  1. Create a mind map.
  2. Look at this mind map once a day (with this plugin).

The key to mastery is regularity.

Install (standard plugin)
  1. Open a mind map and press ~ (or File Plugins)
  2. Find a plugin with name "Email reminder"
  3. Select it
    Adding plugin to mind map

If you share a mind map, other users will have this plugin installed automatically, they don't have to click anything to do it.

How to change the plug-in

For those who know JavaScript.

  1. Download plugin
  2. Modify the downloaded file in a text editor
    • Also change the plugin name
  3. Open a mind map and press ~ (or File Plugins)
  4. Select the modified file by the button
    Adding plugin to mind map