How to leave a review on G2

01 march 2023

You are my best user

What will I get for a review?

No matter if you leave a positive or negative feedback, as our gratitude you get:

  • Subscription Month
  • 1000 points to karma


To leave a review on, you need to have a Facebook, LinkedIn, or corporate (not personal) Gmail account.

If you don't have these accounts, you can choose another option.

Go to the review service

Find in the list IOctopus

You can find it using search (CTRL+F) by typing "IOctopus".

If you like IOctopus, please give us a like

If you have time and something to say, leave a review

Select an account

To make your review (or like) count, select the account you want to leave the review (or like) from.

Google only supports corporate accounts.
This is a work email from an organization, not your personal email.

🎁 Show us your feedback (or just a like)

To make sure it is you who left this review:

Take a screenshot of the review you made earlier.

If you are applying for free access as a teacher or student, please go back to the application form and upload your screenshot there.

If you are not a teacher or a student, please send a screenshot of your review to Or write to support chat. To add you a month of subscription as a reward.

Thank you 🙏