How and where to leave feedback on IOctopus

02 march 2023

You are my best user

Do I get anything for the review?

Regardless of whether you leave positive or negative feedback, as a thank you from us:

  • 1 week subscription for the likes
  • 4 weeks subscription per review
  • 1000 points for karma

1. Go to the feedback service

Go to

2. From the list, search IOctopus

You can search (CTRL+F) and type "IOctopus".

3. If you like IOctopus, please give like for it

4. If you have time and something to write, leave a review

5. Choose an account

To make your review (or like) count, select the account you want to leave the review (or like) on.

Only corporate accounts are suitable from Google.
This is a work email account from the organisation, not your personal email.

🎁 How do I get extra subscription time for a review?

To let us know you've left a review (or like it), send an email to a screenshot showing that you have left a review (or a like). Or write to support chat.

Examples of screenshots:

If you've given it a "like":

🙏 You have no idea how much your feedback is valuable to us

Thank you so much to everyone who left at least a like!

We really appreciate it!

This is very valuable.