Hidden functions

23 august 2021

It's time to talk about features that are on IOctopus but that few people know about.

How to add a link to a mind map?

1. Copy branch URL

  • Select a branch
  • Copy by a shortcode
    • Alt+C
    • Alt+C

2. Paste the copied URL to another branch

  • Select another branch
  • Paste by a shortcode
    • Alt+V
    • Alt+V


To remove links just repeat the paste again.

You also can send someone a link to the branch.


How to format a text?

1. Select a text.

2. Use a shortcode to format the text:

  • bold:
    • Ctrl+b
    • Cmd+b
  • italic
    • Ctrl+i
    • Cmd+i
  • Next row:
    • Shift+Enter

How to copy between IOctopus and text files?

Paste as text:

  • Double click on a branch.
  • Ctrl+v / Cmd+v

Paste as branches:

  • Click once on a branch so that a cursor does not appear inside.
  • Ctrl+C / Cmd+C
  • Open and paste into a text file. 

What's interesting:

  • All branches and sub branches will be inserted in a list with a structure.
  • You can select more branches by holding down Ctrl / Cmd while selecting. The selected branches and all subbranches will then be copied.
  • It also works vice versa. When copying from notepad to mind map.


How to add a script to a mind map?

Scripts can be used to create unique functionality in your mind maps. For example inserting current date, synonyms or anything else you need.

  1. Download a script to your computer
  2. Open a mind map and press ~
  3. Select the downloaded script by the button
    Adding a mind map script

You can email us at roman@ioctopus.online to get a script you need. Or make it yourself. Read more about scripts here https://ioctopus.online/mind-maps-scripts.


How to embed a map into your website as a widget?

To embed your maps on your website, such as on this page https://ioctopus.online/how-to-make-a-mind-map

The code builder is currently under development. However, you can make the code manually.

To do this:

1. Create a link to the map

(to view or edit)

2. Copy the link into notepad and add the required parameters to it

For example:


Please note

  • A link is followed by ? then the parameters
  • Parameters are separated by a sign &

Available options

  • menubar=0 - remove menubar
  • panelMain=0 - remove main bar
  • panelThemes=0 - remove theme bar
  • panelIcons=open=0 - remove icon bar
  • panelIcons=open - force the icon bar to open (for shared as editable)
  • panelColors=0 - remove color bar
  • panelColors=open - force the color bar to open (for shared as editable)
  • freezePanels=1 - prohibit opening/closing bars
  • roundedPanels=1 - rounded corners on bars
  • scrollable=0 - turn off map scrolling
  • isolate=1 - users will each edit a different version of your file, otherwise users will edit the same file
  • platformMask=IMAGE_URL - a mask that can be used to trim the map. Example of a picture mask, Example of a cropped mind map.


3. Insert the link in a <iframe> tag and place it on your website

Tag template:

	style="border: none;"

Where THE_LINK - is a link you made in notepad.

For example:

	style="border: none;"

After this, an interactive map will appear on your website. Like this: