Mind Maps Scripts

30 august 2021

UPDATED: see plugins




What are mind map script for?

To create unique functionality. For example:

  • Inserting current date
  • Insertion of synonyms

  • And anything else you need

How to add a plugin to a mind map?

  1. Download a plugin to your computer
  2. Open a mind map and press ~
  3. Select the downloaded file by the button
    Adding a mind map plugin

Where can I get a script?

Send us an email to roman@ioctopus.online or add a comment below with your task
(script mission, screenshots, text, etc).

How can I make a script myself?

1. Create a file script-name.vue.

2. Add content to the file like below:

PluginName: __SCRIPT_NAME__

<!-- Libraries (if need) -->
<script src="__URL_OF_LIBRARY_JS_FILE__"></script>

<!-- Main Script -->

// On Key Down
ioctopus.$on("keydown", e => {

	// Alt + Shift + N
	if (e.altKey && e.shiftKey && e.code === "KeyN") {

		// Get Selected Branches
		const selectedBranches = ioctopus.getSelectedBranches();

		// Each branches
		for (let branch of selectedBranches) {

			// Change the branch content
			let text = branch.getText();
			// Change the text as you want
			// (you can use html)...
			text = `<span class="my-style">${text}</span>`;


<!-- Styles -->
.my-style {
	color: green;

ioctopus - is the main object of the mind map

Main Events

ioctopus.$on('EVENT_NAME', callback);

Available events:

  • keydown
  • keypress
  • keyup
  • context-menu

Context Menu

// On Context Menu
ioctopus.$on('context-menu', contextMenu => {

	// Add to the Context Menu new Button
		label: "Button text", // Button Text
		icon: "fas fa-list-ul", // Button Icon
		keycode: "Alt+Shift+L", // Dysplayed prompt
		click: () => { // Button action
			// Code running on click
		href: "https://...", // Button url (when no Button action)
		target: "_blank", // Open Button url in new window (tab)

Where can I get icons?

From fontawesome.com.
For example, copy this code from this page.


Get selected branches:

const selectedBranches = ioctopus.getSelectedBranches();

Get text of a branch:

let branchText = branch.getText();

Set text to a branch:

branch.setText("<span>You can use html</span>");

Add a child branch:

	content: {
		text: "My new branch",

Show/hide branch loading:


Do you want more functionality?

Email us at roman@ioctopus.online.

How safe are these scripts?

What if, for example, some hacker adds a script to my account and steals my cookies?

We understand that.
That's why we invest so much time to protect our server.

Also, our server has no access to your scripts.
Scripts are only located in your browser.
This is why only people with access to your browser can add a script to your account.

Author of the article: Roman M.


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