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Visibility is perhaps one of the most important qualities of a mind map for any purpose - for business, training or other project preparation. On the one hand, it allows information to be clearly structured and grouped together; on the other hand, it helps to present it beautifully and makes it easier to remember important points. 

Here is a short overview of five programmes that will enable you to create the most beautiful mind maps - clear, thoughtful and visually interesting. 

What to look for when choosing mind map maker?

A mind map, apart from being nice, is still a working tool. This means that the software for creating it should be simple, intuitive, clear and, given the current situation with lockdowns and remote working, have an online mode for joint meetings of all participants in a project. 

Important features would be:

  • multiplatform - for operative work, both on a desktop computer and on a smartphone;
  • multifunctionality - the software allows you to collect and organize all the important information about the project, plan the work, create reports and presentations;
  • multi-user format - every team member can make changes and additions in real time in any project he or she is involved in. 

To this list should be added the attractive appearance of the ready-made mind map - clear, visible and suitable for demonstration to colleagues and management as well as to external partners. 

5 apps for beautiful mind maps

There are many offers on the market today for creating mind maps. We have tried to select for our review the most interesting, effective, easy to work with and presenting a really informative and beautiful result.


Web version

It's a living tool for deep diving to find new ideas and visualise thoughts. 

example beautiful mind map ioctopus

The branches are organic - like flexible tentacles. Pastel colours and several themes - Dark, White without background for presentations. And some themes for concentration. 

The design options are limited specifically to focus you on the meaning rather than the frills, and to help you get into the flow for brainstorming. However, for more visualisation, there's a set of icons, a feature to upload your own images and subtle customisable links.

Price: free plan and advanced from $2.6 a month.


Web version, software for Windows, Mac, Lunix, IOS, Android

There is special presentation mode from mind maps with slide show animation.

example mindmap xmind

The branches are different types but there are no flexible organic mode. Large selection of initial layout and colour theme. Also extensive design functionality - shapes, frames, notes, links, markers, stickers etc. Customization of uploaded images - frame, size etc.

There is a full map view without zooming in. And lots of other features, but a minimalistic design, the maps look light and stylish.

Price: from $6.7 a month + a minimum payment of 6 months.


Web version

What makes Coggle different is the ability to merge branches and form loops.

example mindmap coggle

Branches are thick and don't thin out like tentacles, but it's still quite organic and flexible. Only 4 branch exit points from the centre.

There are nice set of colours, floating text and downloadable images. Different schemes for the diagrams. 

Price: free plan and advanced from $6 a month.


For Apple devices only

The feature is that there is a focus mode - highlighting one branch and dimming the rest.

example mindmap mindnode

Branches are straight and thick or thin, if you choose a thin theme. It has a rich arsenal of visualisation tools: images, stickers, a set of ready-made themes and the possibility to create individual templates. 

It has a minimalist design, thoughtful details and a good choice of colours. Looks good and unobtrusive.

Price: free plan and advanced from $2.49 a month.


Web version, software for Windows, Mac

The feature is functional - not only can you build mind maps, but also radial maps, create digital whiteboards and flow charts, prepare a Kanban work plan or use a Gantt timeline. 

example mindmap ayoa

Branches in mind maps are two types: thin branches and organic. Mindmaps have a huge range of design features: many settings, colours, icons and pictures. Suitable for those who like to play with visuals, prefer screaming colours and colourful pictures.

Price: 7 trial days and then from $10 a month.


These are just a few tools to help you structure your thoughts with a beautiful interface, and get impressive results every time.

Author of the article: Marina S.


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