How to pass your exams 50% better
with 30% less preparation?


webinar about mindmapping

It means now:

  • 30% more free time
  • 50% better grades

It also means afterwards:

  • 30% more free time later during earnings
  • 50% higher earnings

You probably know someone who has a hard time with their studies. Perhaps you yourself would like to strengthen your thinking. Because you may be familiar with the feeling of mush in the head. When your brain is already bursting with information.

How do you make it easier to cope?

  1. Mind maps
  2. The correct use of mind maps

How to avoid making gross mistakes, and how to use mind maps in general see...

in the webinar "How mind maps enhance your thinking"

Hosted by Saveeta School of Engineering / Departament of Nanotechnology in conjunction with IOctopus.

However, we have agreed with them that any students from any academic environs can participate.

Therefore, the webinar is open to all students. Who wants to take exams more easily.Who wants to simply strengthen their minds to live a more inspiring life.

Who this webinar is for?

  • Beginners who don't know what mind maps are and how to use them
  • For those who have recently started using mind maps
  • The experienced ones may also discover something new

We won't talk you into buying something

"Buy buy buy, we're the best" as they often do in webinars.

Yes, there will be a few words about IOctopus in the webinar. But it will just be one short block at the very end. Where there will be information about student discounts.

In this webinar, we just want to tell you how to use the mind maps to make them as useful as possible for you. To really make it easier for you to pass your exams.

And after the webinar, use whatever mind maps you want.

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P.S. Remember when your friend helped you in your studies?

Yes, maybe he doesn't need this webinar. Okay.

But maybe he does need it and is interested? Share.



Author of the article: Roman M.


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