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Mental maps are gradually taking over the world. Many people use mind maps to make plans, develop projects, visualise ideas, record thoughts. There are online services and programmes for creating mind maps. The main thing is to choose the right one so that it is easy to work on the devices you need. And actually pick up a mind map software for Windows, if you use this operating system. 

Mind maps in Windows programs:
Word, Powerpoint and Paint

Sometimes it seems that the easiest way is to use technologies and programmes you are already familiar with.

mind mapping in wordFor example, do everything you need in Word, which has a section with diagrams, charts and tables. Writing texts in this Windows program is more familiar, and there is even an option of drawing. It is true that it is difficult to go beyond the standards, and it is almost impossible to make large diagrams. It takes a lot of time and each branch has to be drawn manually.

mind mapping in powerpointIf we're talking about Power Point, it's good for visual presentations and it's also available on Windows. It has so many templates that you don't have to think about the styles and placement of the illustrations and text. Options with the addition of colours, backgrounds, animations and sounds are included. There are special fonts available.  A slide sorter helps to arrange the pages correctly. But making a mind map in them is difficult, there are no tools for that. It would be much easier and faster to make a map in a special service for mind maps and then already export or make a screenshot and insert it on the slide. 
For note-taking and note-taking tasks, it is unlikely that anyone would think of using powerpoint - it is too complicated.

mind mapping in paintThe same applies to Windows drawing programs such as Paint. You can try and draw a mind map in Paint, especially if you are used to it and always do illustrations in Paint. But the process of creating a mind map in it is not automated. That's why Paint is also not suitable. 

What to do?

Download a special mind-mapping programme or use an online service. Each option has its own specific features.

Mind map software for Windows

mind map software for windows

A significant advantage of this option is that you can work without the internet. 

But there are more minuses:

  • Running on 1 device, difficult synchronisation.
  • If your computer crashes, you will lose your mind maps.
  • You can only share your maps with others who have the same software.

In addition, the programs are often cumbersome and overloaded functionality and run slowly, which distracts and prevents you from thinking.

There is also the issue of security. As you know, if you download a program from an unreliable source on the Internet, you can get a virus. This will not happen with online services.

Online mind maps

online services mind maps for wind

It works in Windows just like any other operating system.

  1. The advantage is obvious - you can work with a mobile phone, a desktop computer or a laptop at home, even if you have a macOS at home and a Windows system at work.
  2. In addition, it is easy to share the map with friends and colleagues - with a link it opens on any device, they do not need to install special software to view it.
  3. And because all the information is hosted on servers on the Internet, you always have access to it. And now when you decide to update your technology you don't need to download mind map software - just the Internet and a modern browser. The same thing if your device breaks, if you spilled coffee on the laptop, crashed the phone - your data will be carefully saved on the server and will not disappear. 

By the way, your mind maps in the IOctopus are encrypted and confidential, which means that only you have access to the information in them. Even the developers cannot see them.

So, as you can see, when you don't have problems with Internet, online services have more advantages to work with than programs for Windows. 

Author of the article: Tata B.


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