Comment faire une carte mentale

Comment maîtriser toutes les nuances clés de la création de cartes heuristiques en 10 minutes ? Et surtout, à maîtriser pendant des années.  ; Pour ne plus avoir à y revenir.

C'est facile avec les missions rapides et interactives de cet article.


How to make nice presentations even when you're not a designer?

Because a presentation is a way to present information clearly and convey your ideas to the audience. About a product, a service, a company. For explaining a process. For science or business. In any case, it is important that it was simple, beautiful and visual. The success of the presentation depends on it.


Que sont les cartes mentales ?

Regardons une petite illustration.

Comment survivre à une chute d'hélicoptère ?...


What are the main visualization features found in mind maps?

These are:

  • Visual branch structure;
  • Adding different icons;
  • And inserting images;
  • Drawing own icons.

IOctopus now has...


How to add a link to another branch in a mind map?

One of IOctopus users gave us an idea:
a way to link and jump from one branch to another.

The idea seemed to us very intetersing, and we thought about how to improve it a little ...


IOctopus - Deep Dive Mind Maps 😈

So deep where the most primitive part of the human being is. It can't even speak, and it doesn't understand words.

This is the inner animal part that wants sex, that wants to growl, show its teeth, and tear it to pieces. It wants a mouthful of bloody drool.

This is a live drive. And there are no more obstacles, no more pain. And there's a feeling "wow - everything is so real!".

How can you explain your plan to your inner beast when it doesn't understand the words?


Sizes of icons in IOctopus mind maps

We could do the resizing as in other similar programs. For example, when you can set any size of pictures with the mouse.

However, IOctopus has its own philosophy...


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