How mind maps help people with ADHD


ADHD is a syndrome that begins in childhood and deprives the child of the ability to concentrate and concentrate. Only 30% learn to manage this condition by adulthood. This is why it is so important to find and select the right tool to help in studies, work and personal life to set and follow through on their goals and plan actions to achieve them.

Some facts about ADHD

Around the age of 6 or 7, the child becomes inattentive, distracted, quickly distracted and switches from one subject to another, moves around a lot, frequently clashes with others and acts impulsively. They do not see things through to the end, may ask when they are almost done, and hate external control.   

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This is characterised by high self-esteem, empathy for others, and in some cases, if you are lucky enough to find them, hyper-focus and hyper-productivity.

This is a medical diagnosis and needs to be confirmed by a doctor. ADHD is chronic and there is no way of eliminating it completely. 

Here are some facts about ADHD:

  • It occurs in about 5-15% of the world's population, with the rate increasing every year;
  • it used to be thought that the symptoms would subside or go away by adolescence, but it is now proven that around 50-70% of adults are also affected;
  • it is more common in boys - 3 to 9 times more common, according to various studies. 

Anything that requires a systematic approach and concentration is extremely problematic for someone with ADHD. And this is practically any task. The way out for such people is in sales and communications. But even there it is difficult to succeed without systematisation, structure and ability to focus. 

Of course, competent therapy and behavioural correction are needed for ADHD. But we also want to draw attention to a tool that will help both learning and work.

Mind maps: a working tool for ADHD

Let's find out what mind maps are for and how they can help people with ADHD. A mind map is a tool that, above all, allows you to systematise information visually. A simple and clear diagram makes it possible to understand all the data, to analyse it and to remember it. In mind maps it is possible to highlight ideas in different colours and to see immediately the main directions and subdivisions.

Mind maps can be simple - a main theme and a few related ideas - or complex - with a branching scheme of several levels.

People with ADHD will appreciate IOctopus' minimalist design, as well as its organic branches, bright contrasting colours and informal atmosphere. The hiding menu doesn't distract from the main information. And everything here is designed to keep your focus, so there's nowhere to get distracted. It promotes focus, concentration on the task at hand and an almost genius brainstorm in people with ADHD. Thus it helps to achieve goals and get outstanding results for them.

why adhd appreciate IOctopus

As you can see, mind maps are an optimal tool that can be used to study a difficult subject at school, to prepare for exams, to start a new work project or to plan a holiday. In other words, mind maps have a very wide range of applications in different areas of life, and the intuitive algorithm for working with them will suit both the student and the entrepreneur. 

How do mind maps help people with ADHD?

  1. Turn ideas and thoughts into a simple, systematic picture, with a central theme and diverging "tentacles" in the form of subsections.
  2. On the one hand, that encourage creativity and new ideas, while on the other hand, that keep imagination at bay thanks to linearity.
  3. Mind maps help you to focus on the actual goal and plan to achieve it, while always leaving the possibility of creating a plan B.
  4. The process of creating a mind map is similar to a game and helps to immerse oneself in the project as much as possible, not to be distracted by other things, develops concentration and consistency. 
  5. Allow you to work as a team online, at a convenient time and place without meeting in person. IOctopus, for example, has these features.

In other words, it is a convenient and effective way to streamline all the important issues in your life and reduce the impact of ADHD.

And when you decide to set yourself a big goal - to launch a start-up, get the job you want, or create a cool relationship. 

how mind map help adhd

Treat it as an experiment and a game. In order to focus on the task that is important to you, turn off all information noise for this time. It's TV, social media, media, meaningless hangouts, entertainment surfing on the internet, turn off all alerts, even messengers and emails, and yes, it doesn't hurt to put away porn either. Take care of your body - get 7-8 hours of sleep and move around at least a little bit every day - exercise, warm-up, walk, exercise. 

And remember that all great things are achieved in small but regular steps. By the way, we at IOctopus are fans of this approach and highly recommend it regardless of the presence of ADHD.


The mind map allows you to quickly switch between tasks and directions, capture new ideas and options - i.e. manage impulsivity and attention shifting in ADHD. At the same time, the mind map saves all the work so that you can return to it at any time, continue the work or pass it on to the team. It also helps you to focus on one task and see it through to the end. 

It is not a cure or correction for the syndrome, but a good way to streamline your life a little, minimise the effects of distraction and impulsivity, learn to systemise your knowledge with pleasure, focus and achieve your goals.

Author of the article: Marina S.


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