Mind map for Windows

Mental maps are gradually taking over the world. Many people use mind maps to make plans, develop projects, visualise ideas, record thoughts. There are online services and programmes for creating mind maps. The main thing is to choose the right one so that it is easy to work on the devices you need. And actually pick up a mind map software for Windows, if you use this operating system.


How to add comments to a branch

A user of IOctopus gave us a great idea - to add possibility to leave long text comments for a branch. 

That way you can continue to write short notes of few words in branches and your mind map stays compact and visual at the same time you can add much more information to it. 

👆 It is important because short mind maps are easier to remember and perceive.

mind map text comments


How to brainstorm effectively

Brainstorming is when one or more people storm a problem/challenge/issue and throw ideas at it from all sides.

And even if the problem is huge - the Elephant-Problem - it cannot stand up to an army of ideas - mice, lemurs, pterodactyls, flying saucers, look, and even ants are here. Victory is assured if 1 condition is met...

mindmap brainstorm problem


Mind maps for business

Business is about strategy, planning, researching possible development options and choosing the best one. If you need a clear, easy-to-use tool, then take a look at how a mind map works in business.

business mind map


Visualising thoughts with mind maps tools

Even the most advanced Internet user cannot "digest" the amount of information that has to be put through on a daily basis. Mind map tools can help: this tool allows you to create a simple and clear graphical chart that quickly structures your data.


Connections between branches (done)

We seem to have a great relationship. Look, there's a new button at the top that makes the connections between branches.


Mind Maps Scripts

What are mind map script for?

To create unique functionality. For example:

  • Inserting current date
  • Insertion of synonyms
  • And anything else you need


How to translate a mind map

You can use this method to quickly duplicate entries in other languages on your mind map.
Watch the video example is in the article.


Hidden functions

It's time to talk about features that are on IOctopus but that few people know about.


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