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Unobvious in IOctopus

When it makes sense, we break the design rule: "everything should be obvious in the interface". But what would be the point of that?


How to add a team?

On the Galaxy plan, you can add users to your team. They will have access to the advanced features of the plan. It will also make it easier to work on shared files. Similarly, a team can be added to the Galaxy Enterprise plan.


Icon drawing in mind maps

How can you visualise your thoughts even faster, easier and more relevant? Mind mapping is a visual technique and it is common to use icons and pictures for visibility. But even though there are 1001 icons in the base, it's not always possible to find a completely relevant icon. Also, the search for a good image on the Internet can spend hours. 

That's why, in order to make visualisation easier, so that you can express your thoughts quickly and even more accurately, we've added icon drawing to IOctopus.

drawing icon in mind map


How can mind maps help increase your company's profits

Let's have a look. For example, in a mind map, it is convenient to see what you have now and what you want to get.

In this format, you can immediately see the ways of moving, the pros and cons, the benefits and costs.


How mind maps help people with ADHD

ADHD is a syndrome that begins in childhood and deprives the child of the ability to concentrate and concentrate. Only 30% learn to manage this condition by adulthood. This is why it is so important to find and select the right tool to help in studies, work and personal life to set and follow through on their goals and plan actions to achieve them


Results of the experiment "Dreams & enhancing of skills"

These results may be of interest to people who want to improve their thinking and mastery of skills by 17% in a wide range of areas by taking 1 minute.

experiment dreams and enhancing skills


The most beautiful mind map software

Visibility is perhaps one of the most important qualities of a mind map for any purpose - for business, training or other project preparation. Here is a short overview of five tools that will enable you to create the most beautiful mind maps - clear, thoughtful and visually interesting. 


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